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With a New Name, and a New Vision

Keith Adee  Alias "Click"

Keith Adee moved to The Villages with his lovely wife, in April of 2002. He and Ron Mahon began developing this information site in 2006. Keith assumed complete ownership of on June 17, 2009.  The process to change the name to something easier to remember began a few months is now The site has grown from an information website to a self supporting entity. Our Sponsors are prominently displayed throughout our site, please look for them and support them by "buying local", while at the same time, keeping alive and well!
In the beginning, this site was the creation of "Click and Link" aka Keith and Ron. 

Both have lived in The Villages since 2002 and 2001, respectively, enjoying the many activities pertaining to the very unique lifestyle of "The Villages".   Link has since moved on to other pursuits, however he does remain a Villager.

Sorting through the vast amount of data, and finding what you are looking for, is what this Website is all about.

We have attempted to link the information to one or more of the main categories and we've included everything else in sub-menus.   You can search through the menus, check out the Quick Reference section on each main page, or use the familiar Search box found on nearly every website today.  We've even included a Navigation Page if you want additional help!

THE REASON - How It All Began

One evening, during a dinner party, the children of the founders of the site attempted a "put down". They suggested that Villagers were somewhat inept ... at least, when it came to all the new technology invading our lives from cyber space. Click and Link, the most senior of the "Senior Citizens" at the table, decided to put up $100.00 on the premise that, within six months, they could develop an Information Center which would serve all of the Villager's "newbies" as well as the "long timers."

Why would anyone in their right mind invest so much time and money just to win $100.00?  

In the months that followed, Link and Click worked night and day to present their gift to The Villagers. Actually, they accomplished the task in less than six months.

Then began the task of asking you to take a tour of this site.  Hopefully, you will agree, after using this site, that you will never have to pull out three phone books again, or fish through little piles of paper on the kitchen counter, just to find information.  


It's Not Finished.   When they started there was no thought that this site would grow in popularity at such a fantastic rate (678 pages indexed by Google in the first 3 months).  You will find requests throughout the site ~ to let us know where information is incorrect or missing; and most of all, we encourage you to let us know if we have scored a direct hit (a good thing!).   Please tell us if there is anything else that you would like to see on   If it is possible to add it, we'll be happy to do so!

In the beginning, it was difficult to describe "The Village's Lifestyle".  Friends and relatives didn’t understand why anyone moves here, but after previewing the "Lifestyle Video" from the developer, they soon came to understand the reason.  (This video is still a great present, for any one facing that retirement decision.  We have been asked to remove all links to any of the developer's websites, please contact The Villages directly to request a copy.)

After previewing the developers video, this website is the next step in explaining what living in The Villages is all about. Be sure to invite your friends to visit this site.! 

To all the people who have offered encouragement and who have shared their ideas…
A Million Thanks.  Keep those ideas coming. 

This site is not done, and perhaps it never will be.    

As always, Keith (alias "Click") remains grateful to those of you who continue to help the site evolve. He want to make this the best product out there, one we can all be proud of!  He and Jackie (Support Specialist) look forward to hearing from you!!

The $100.00 bet is only a small part of what was gained for the efforts over the past few years.  Enjoy & Use the knowledge you gain about the many things here in the Villages you might never have known, had the original founders not accepted the challenge.


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