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Villages1 - Navigating Our Site

This page is to help you navigate our Site...and it helps to know - when you aren't getting where you wanted to go - that we are in the process of redesigning some of the sections, like Travel, the Ocala Connection and Dining too.  So, if you are Fully Computer Literate, much of what we've tried to explain below will be redundant, however we are offering this information for anyone who would like to become more familiar with all of the valuable information available within our pages...
With pages and pages of information, it has not been easy to keep navigation as simple as we would like...

1. Most everyone knows that the Search Box is the easiest and fastest way to find anything; however, to use this you need to know the name of what you want to find, and you need to be able to spell it.  If you provide the first few letters, and if the functionality is enabled at the time you try a search, the Search Engine will offer you suggestions.

2. You will find Menu Tabs across the top of the page just below the Logo. These Tabs cover the Major Categories; and if you “hover” over the Tab with the cursor you will see the sub categories that are included under these subjects.   IMPORTANT NOTE:  while renovations are in process, there are still instances where, if you click on a business, you will be taken to a new page which includes the Slideshow for the section above the business page.  In these cases, remember to scroll down to see the actual business page.  We are happy to report that we've discovered the reason and that's part of what we are correcting!!

3. SOMETIMES, on the right hand side of the page, you will see an ever-growing list,, a  Quick Reference, of the many categories that could not be covered under the Major Tabs. This list will continue to grow with each new addition of Information to this site...if a link is not working, please let us know!   In some cases, this list will not appear, you can then use the main menu bar under the Villages1 logo to navigate the site.  On the list of things to do is a "Table of Contents" which will complement the Quick Reference, the Menu bar across the top of our page and the Search functionality.

4. The “Site Map” is a listing of everything on this site. It is available under the Villages1 Tab as well as the list mentioned in #4 above, and is quite long; however it helps to find something that you can not find otherwise.

5. Unfortunately, in the current economic environment, maintaining an accurate listing is a challenge. If you see any needed corrections in the listings on this site, please let us know!  Click Here and send us a message with the correction! We are also interested in including any business we have left off our, please feel free to let us know who is missing! At the very least, please include the Name, Location and a contact Phone Number.

NOTE:  If you don't find what you are looking for, try using a variation on the spelling or number of characters...for example, searching for the word "tires" may not bring up any entries, however searching for "tire" (at the time this was created) shows 2 entries. You will find that anything on the site matching "tire" will show up, even if it is not related to a Business!

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